Rapport with students when online


It’s been a year and a half since this unusual teaching situation started. Since then, I teach on Zoom for one university, and with on-demand class videos for two other universities.

The former is okay. It’s not perfect but I can see the reaction to what I do. Even better when students are showing their faces. I have two second-year classes only a few students use a webcam, and in two first-year classes, most students show their faces willingly. Still, better than nothing.

I am struggling with building rapport with the student in on-demand video classes. The majority seem okay according to their comment in their learning log (Yes, I ask them to write it after taking video classes!) but some of them leave only a few words in the log, and that makes me anxious.

Another problem of this university is that the level is mixed. I mean really mixed. Some of them are very fluent with the reason that they’ve been learning English since elementary school. Some of them are really low, like, really, really low… They tend to avoid anything to do with English. Well, I know this because we had our first two face-to-face classes this academic year before the pandemic emergency statement.

I guess the solution would be to go in the middle. But am I really going in the middle??

It’s really frustrating not actually seeing the students learning in front of me.