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Personal Development

Another Tara Brabazon episode.

I was astonished to watch her latest YouTube vlog. She got Doctors in her early days, and she says she has four other Masters degrees! Four!!?? And she’s just finished the fourth one! What’s going on???

What she said was amazing. She gets these qualifications to be able to understand what students feel when they study for qualifications. I was only thinking about MY personal development when I decided to go back to Diploma TESOL. I was so selfish!!

She does a lot of Moocs as well. I wonder if I can find any numeracy courses in FutureLearn because I am so bad at numbers. If I knew more about how to look at data, then I would be able to understand research papers better and would enjoy researching more!

She also said she would set goals every 12 weeks. That’s about three months. Well, it’s in the middle of October now, so it’s a bit late but I can make goals to achieve by the end of the year.

  • Work Goal: Keep making videos, doing zoom lessons, giving feedback etc. (Perhaps this is a very bad way of goal-setting coz they are so vague…)
  • Study Goal: Finish the rationale part of the portfolio for all three papers.
  • Private Life Goal: Gym at least three times a week, Walk at last three times a week.

Then I guess I need to set subgoals for all these…