Learner Autonomy: Principle & How am I doing?

Learner Autonomy

I’ve been into Learner Autonomy for a while, yet the concept is quite vague still. I guess it’s because there is no concrete method or framework for teaching. It’s an idea of how to encourage learners to be autonomous inside and outside of class.

I would like to keep below in mind:

  1. Learners set their own goals in learning
  2. Learners make decisions for what to do to achieve their goal
  3. Learners reflect and evaluate their learning.
  4. Teachers are facilitators and language advisers.

Do they really make them autonomous? That’s the question.

Let’s look at my own class:

  1. No. I set learners’ goals for each lesson.
  2. No. I instruct them on what to do to achieve their goals.
  3. Yes. They write a learning log after class.
  4. No. I both teach and facilitate.

Oh, no. I implement only one out of four!?

The question is, how can I observe a teacher who implements it? I’ll keep looking on YouTube!