Group work or individual work

Learner Autonomy

I don’t want to share my presentation video.

One of my online students complained about doing group work on LMS. She says she doesn’t want to share anything with someone who she doesn’t know even he/she is her classmate.

I kind of expected this reaction when I set up this group work. Not everyone is outgoing, many of them are not confident enough to talk in English in front of others. Yet I really wanted to include group work in this on-demand video class.

The solution so far is, I give choices to the students: they can choose to submit their work in manaba ‘report’ if you don’t want to share their work with classmates, or they can submit it in ‘project’ if they want to share their work and comment each other in the group.

After the complaint, I thought the majority of the students would say the same thing so I immediately opened the ‘report’ submission area for them and told them they can choose ‘report’ or ‘project’. The result: half and half. In fact, many of them seemed to be enjoying watching other students’ presentations and giving comments. One of the students said he shot about 40 takes for the video!

What I learned from this incident was for ANYTHING, I should give them choices so they will not stop learning. I thank this student who courageously raised her voice!