Learner Autonomy

Group work or individual work

I don't want to share my presentation video. One of my online students complained about doing group work on LM...
Personal Development

Lifelong Learning

Another Tara Brabazon episode. I was astonished to watch her latest YouTube vlog. She got Doctors in her early days, ...
Learner Autonomy

Learner Autonomy: Principle & How am I doing?

I've been into Learner Autonomy for a while, yet the concept is quite vague still. I guess it's because there is no conc...

Morning Routine

I'm an admirer of Tara Brabazon. When I was doing my Masters degree, I came across her YouTube video and was inspired by...

Rapport with students when online

It's been a year and a half since this unusual teaching situation started. Since then, I teach on Zoom for one universit...
Personal Development

Shift to an English blog

I've been writing this blog in Japanese, but I've decided to change it to an English blog. Tara Brabazon, again, insp...